18-3-3 All in One


By adding a unique 18-3-3 fertilizer to our exclusive Bio-Turf product, it truly includes everything a lawn needs. All that a lawn requires is in One product – All-in-One. 18-3-3 is formulated with food-grade sources of phosphorous and potassium. It is pH neutral, is low in salts and chlorides and has less urea, which lessens weed seed germination. All-in-all, it produces a much healthier lawn in every respect, a lawn that will grow in quality, beauty and durability over time.

5 gal, 55 gal, or 275 gal

Also available.  Call for pricing.

5 gal x 12

2.5 gal jug x 2 (case)

Bio Soil Science AIO 18-3-3 Label

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Weight 50 lbs

5 gal, 55 gal, 275 gal