3-0-2 Restore Plus 10% Humic Acid


Re-Store Plus™ Is The All-In-One Solution For Quick Green-Up & Improved Soils

Originally developed at the request of golf course superintendents, Growth Product’s Re-Store Plus was designed to rejuvenate soils on fairways while also providing quick color response on turf. This one-step product has been such a fairways success that it is now widely used and recommended for all types of turf applications, including golf course roughs, sod farm turfs, sports turfs, and commercial and residential lawns.

Randy Oberlander, National Sales Manager for Growth Products, says customers using Re-Store Plus “have seen tremendous green-up in a matter of days, and better soil. Re-Store Plus works to feed the soil and build better a root structure, for long-term plant health and stress reduction.”

Re-Store Plus has a guaranteed N-P-K analysis of 3-0-2 and is bolstered with 3% chelated iron and 1% chelated manganese. The solution’s soil conditioning properties come from its high percentages of humic acid (10%), L-amino acids (5%), hydrolyzed soy protein (5%), and yeast.

The humic acid in Re-Store Plus is derived from leonardite, which is the world’s most active and richest source of humate. The humic acid, along with Re-store Plus’ amino acids, conditions soil by adding organic matter, increasing soil microbial activity, improving the cation exchange capacity of poor soils, reducing salt build-up, and alleviating compaction caused by overuse.

Re-Store Plus will also demineralize high phosphorus soils, which in turn releases previously bound up nutrients for soil uptake.

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