9-18-9 Foliar Fertilizer


Similar to our 10-20-10 fertilizer but without the micronutrients. This advanced fertilizer, initially developed for the hydroponic industry, is excellent for foliar feeding. Up to 94% of this unique formulation is absorbable and readily translocated throughout the plant, even to the roots, in as little as a minute for turf, flowers and vegetables. It is particularly helpful during the reproductive cycle, where size, number and quality of flowers, fruit or vegetables is desirable.

55 gal


10-20-10 Foliar Fertilizer with Micronutrients

Also Available as 9-18-9 without Micronutrients

A Unique Fertilizer Product with Substantial Benefits.

Key Benefits:

  • 10-20-10 Foliar is a blend of exceptional, pure food-grade components.

  • In addition, this clear liquid product contains a broad spectrum of seasourced micronutrients in trace amounts, also food-grade quality.
  • Exceptional purity enables exceptional plant absorption, up to 94%.
  • Consequently, 10-20-10 Foliar is many times more efficient than soil applied fertilizer, which, with leaching, volatilization, unfavorable soil conditions, and non-optimized transfer mechanisms, may be as little as 20% efficient, perhaps less.

  • Also, there is no run-off or leaching. There are no negative environmental consequences.
  • Foliar fertilizers were originally developed for the hydroponic industry, where no soil is used.
  • 10-20-10 can be used on all plants: trees, turf, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, pastures, houseplants and all agricultural crops, even tropical crops like bananas and rice.
  • Foliar feeding requires much less labor input than root feeding. It takes much less time to spray the leaves of a tree than to inject dozens or 100’s of sites with a soil fertilization formula.
  • By by-passing soil fertilizer application, poor soil becomes a less significant factor.
  • Typically, only a small amount of fertilizer is required to get very positive results.
  • Consequently, although concentrated foliar fertilization products are more costly per gallon, they are often less costly per acre, even when compared against the lowest quality products.
  • The product does meet the requirements of Regulation 205.601 of the National Organic Program entitled “Synthetic Substances Allowed for Use in Organic Crop Production”. 9-18-9 is also pure enough to be approved as an animal nutritional supplement.

Application Considerations:

  • Optimal absorption takes place when the stoma are open, during cooler segments of the day, preferably when the leaves and air are moist, or when overcast.
  • Application rates can vary significantly depending on plant type and growing habit. Call your Green Pro Representative for specific recommendations.


10-20-10 Foliar with Micro-Nutrients or 9-18-9 without micronutrients are very high quality, very efficient fertilizer products with low application costs. They have no negative environmental impacts, can be used on all known plant materials, are very easy to handle, and produce outstanding results, particularly where fruit, vegetable, seed, or flower production or root growth are a priority.