The leading fungicide for control of Sudden Oak Death and other root rot diseases
Can be applied by homeowner

Agri-Fos-Plus SDS

Agri-Fos-Plus Label



Application of Agri-Fos can be made as a foliar spray or drench on a two to four week schedule when diseases threaten plant health or when diseases have already become established. The liquid formulation easily mixes with water. The product should not be tank mixed with most adjuvants, surfactants, stickers, or copper compounds. When spraying before or after copper compounds an interval of 10 or more days between applications is recommended. Do not spray Agri-Fos if there are obvious copper residues present. Tank mixing fungicides DACONIL® or CONCORDE ™is compatible. A compatibility test should first be conducted for fertilizers and other products before tank mixing.

Agri-Fos is registered for use on various agricultural crops, golf courses, turf farms, ornamentals, and lawns. Both EPA and Cal EPA registered, #71962-1. It is also registered in most States.

Agri-Fos with Pentra-Bark surfactant is the only approved combination for control of Sudden Oak Death.

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