Bio-AER is a liquid aeration and bio-recharge agent for clay and sandy soils. A natural organic and mineral treatment, Bio-AER recharges and replenishes essential biological characteristics, thereby creating a dynamic and optimal soil equilibrium. Complex organic compounds flocculate the soil structure to produce 100% aeration, added moisture capacity and enhanced root growth. Unlike traditional plant health products, Bio-AER works from the soil up, not from the surface down.

Bio-Aer Label

5 gal, 12 x 5 gal, 55 gal

Also available 2.5 gal jug x2




  • Recharges dynamic biological equilibrium in the soil.
  • Improves soil properties – loosens clay soils / aggregates sandy soils.
  • Improves soil Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) – holds onto nutrients.
  • Improves growth and activity of beneficial soil microbiology.
  • Improves air exchange (aeration) and soil drainage in compacted soils.
  • Effectively slows release of plant nutrients, especially nitrogen.
  • Increases Phosphorous availability, especially in clay soils.
  • Detoxifies soil pollutants – neutralizes “Black Layer” problems.
  • Increases plant sugar content (Brix) for improved stress resistance.
  • Improves water-holding capacity for better soil retention and increased drought tolerance.
  • Accelerates cell division for healthier plan growth / improved rootmass.
  • Stimlates plant metabolism and increases vitamin content of plant.
  • Increases protein levels in plants and acts as organic catalyst.
  • Increases plant regulators – auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, calines, etc.
  • Increases seed germination capacity and seedling vigor and viability.
  • Stimulates respiration and the hormonal and enzyme systems.
  • Improves color – deeper, darker greens in conjunction with Nitrogen.
  • Improves soil warming – earlier spring green-up, better color into winter.
  • Source of over 70 micro-nutrients.
  • Chelation of trace elements for better nutrition, especially iron, helping with the prevention / correction of chlorosis.
  • Increases permeability of plant membranes, promotes nutrient uptake.
  • “New” soil formation – decomposition of rock, mineral, and organic matter.
  • pH buffering and accelerating Calcium Carbonate (Lime) Breakdown.
  • Stimulates the increase and elongation of fibrous roots.

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