Bio Coat


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Bio Coat

Cold winds dry out the leaves of broadleaf evergreen plants and can permanently damage or even kill them. The best insurance prolicy is an invisible film that locks the moisture inside the leaf and lasts for the entire season without the need for a second treatment. There are other uses for Bio-Coat:

  1. Transporting and transplanting young trees and shrubs
  2. Older plantings under stress from drought, heat, or improper planting
  3. Evergreens that were damages during the year by insects or disease
  4. Evergreens exposed to wind, southern exposures, or salr sprays
  5. Spray on sod to keep it from excessive water loss during transplanting

Bio-Coat is a formulation of natural and synthetic compounds that provide extended protection for your valuable trees, shrubs, and even your lawn.


  • Applied with any type of spray equipment…and will not clog
  • Provides extended protection throughout the winted months against winter burn / winter kill
  • Inhibits moisture loss due to sun, wind, transpiration or transplanting any time of the year
  • Can be used with fungicides to protect turf from snow molds.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in