Turf requires different combinations of nutrients at different points during its growing cycle. Bio-Turf includes all of the ingredients in a humate-based product. Humates are plant-based organics that contain a lot of carbon. This special property enables humates to hold nutrients and other essential ingredients in the soil, making them available to the grass plant at the precise time that it is required in the growing cycle.

Bio-Turf also includes special soil conditioners, called surfactants. Surfactants have many benefits, but for most lawns, perhaps the most important is making liquid products more slippery, helping the organic components move deeper into the soil. Over time, in concert with greater biological activity encouraged by the microbial foods that are included in Bio-Turf, the soil begins to become more loose. This in turn permits more water, more oxygen, and more nutrients to go even deeper into the soil. This process aerates the soil. Aerated soil permits the grass roots to grow deeper, enabling them to reach down for additional water and making the lawn more drought tolerant. An additional benefit is the reduced need and expense of watering, often saving a significant amount of money.

Building you lawn program on this advanced product will provide a host of benefits for both the landscape professional (your business will become easier and more enjoyable) and the homeowner, who will appreciate the quality and the peace of mind that comes with a more natural, organic, and less toxic turf maintenance program.

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5 gal, 12 x 5 gal, 55 gal


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5 gal, 5 gal – 12 Case, 55 gal