Chemjet Injection Kit



Chemjet Injection Kit

The Chemjet Tree Injector is an inexpensive reloadable syringe used to inject pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers to treat diseases and pests, to prevent death of the tree. These injectors are used in a process called microinjection to treat an entire tree (leaves to roots) by deploying multiple Chemjet® Injectors evenly spaced around the trunk of the tree. Made of rugged plastic, the Chemjet® injectors can be reused for many years.

The Chemjet is a spring-loaded syringe-like device, with a 20mm tapered nozzle. The chemical is drawn through the nozzle into the chamber of the injector in measured 10, 15 or 20ml quantities. The injector handle is pulled back to energize the spring pressure can be locked open at 20 ml by twisting the handle in a clockwise direction.

Holes are drilled into the tree using a 11/64 bit to a depth of about one inch, and the Chemjet® nozzle is pressed into the hole by hand (no hammering) to make a tight seal.  Note: you do not have to twist while inserting!   While holding the Chemjet® in place, the red handle is pulled back slightly then turned counterclockwise to allow the spring pressure to inject chemical into the tree. The injector is then left unattended to inject at a steady low pressure of about 20 PSI which does not damage the inner bark layers, and allows discharge of chemical into the xylem at a rate that is accommodated by the natural capacity of the tree to accept more liquid.  

Each Kit comes with 5 chemjets and your choice of chemical product

 Tree-Age G4-

Injected insecticide for two-year control of listed insect & mite pests in deciduous and coniferous trees and palms, proven to be very effective against Emerald Ash Borer. The same TREE-äge you’ve come to trust, now as a General Use Product. Formulated in the USA and backed by more than a decade of University studies and real-world data. Accept no substitutes.


Active Ingredient: Emamectin Benzoate: 4.0%

Other Ingredients: 96.0%


Micro-injectable systemic insecticide for the management of specific insect pests in forests, trees, landscape ornamentals and interior plantscapes.


Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid: 5.0%
Other Ingredients: 95.0%


Systemic fungicide for trunk injection or spray application on trees, grasses, shrubs and flowers.

Propiconazole: 14.3%
Other Ingredients: 85.7%

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