Copperhead Herbicide Shells

This product is recommended for the control of trees, woody brush, and vines in all non-cropland sites including forests, roadsides, rights-of-way, industrial, residential, fencerows, railroads and aquatic sites. For aquatic sites, this product may be injected into stems of trees and brush standing in water or wetlands. Do not apply directly to water or inject into stems below the water level.

Ideal for use by foresters as well as utility, roadside, park, and agricultural managers.

Inject the shells using only the EZ-Ject™ lance. Shells must penetrate through the outer bark into living phloem tissue to provide effective results.

Contact a distributor to determine availability in your state.


Active: Imazapyr 83.5%
Other Ingredients 16.5%
Total 100.0%

Copperhead Label

Copperhead SDS