Compost De-Thatcher


Compost De-Thatcher – Double the strength of enzymatic activity.

15-0-0 plus Microbes, Enzymes, Slow Release Nitrogen and Natural Wetting Agent

Turning Thatch, Landscape and Garden Litter into Soil Gold

The parallels between the breakdown of thatch and the decomposition of compost litter are undeniable. Think of an inch of tough thatch composed primarily of products from stems, leaf sheaths, and roots tightly woven layer that are fairly resistant to decay.

Sound familiar? Now let’s imagine composting fall leaves, straw, dead flowers for your garden, and “green” materials, such as grass clippings on your lawn. Starting to get the picture?

Whether you have a ½ inch of compacted material that harbors diseases and blocks water and nutrients from reaching the soil below your course (a.k.a. “thatch”), or a 3-ft. pile of litter of lawn clippings, raked leaves and weeds from your garden, you need to accomplish the same result, facilitating the decomposition of these materials into useable organic matter. Both need the same added elements to get the job done.

The Break down! The “Break Down”: Compost De-Thatcher to the Rescue!

  • Loaded with beneficial natural occurring soil bacteria
  • Proper N:C ratio critical for microbe activity
  • Strong enzymes to break down the tough stuff like cellulose fiber, lignin and other organics
  • A wetting agent to penetrate the dense fiber
  • An added food source like sugars to invigorate the soil microbes to do their job

Why is Compost De-Thatcher so effective?

The entire formulation was calibrated to encourage decomposition of both thatch and compost debris. It contains multiple strains of naturally occurring, beneficial microbes and selected enzymes, along with Slow Release Nitrogen to sustain the balance N: C ratio (critical to decomposition) and a powerful natural wetting agent from yucca to assure penetration into dense layers.

A Very Productive “Little Factory”

To put it simply, when you use Compost De-Thatcher to treat or prevent thatch build-up, or to elicit the breakdown of litter, it’s like adding a “little factory”, that keeps on working until the desired end product, rich organic matter, is produced.

15-0-0 Spec Sheet

15-0-0 SDS

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Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 12 in