DIEHARD Root Reviver


DIEHARD™ Root Reviver is an Endo/Ectomycorrhizal inoculant used as a vertimulch for established trees in decline.

The Industry’s First Complete Vertimulch Inoculant,. Improves Survival, Rooting, Flowering, Water Absorption, Nutrient Availability, Yields and Production. Product Reduces Plant Losses Fertilizer Use, Need Of Pesticides, Heat Stress Damage, Irrigation Frequency, and Losses From Drought Conditions.

Species: All plants that associate with endo-and ectomycorrhiza fungi.
Fungicides: Non-systemic fungicides normally have no effect.
Foliar applied fungicides normally have no effect. Systemic fungicides may be applied 2 weeks before or after use of product. Fungicide use according to label instructions do not extinguish mycorrhiza, they only inhibit development temporarily.


Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

25 lb Box, 4 lb x 10 Case