Easy to use, effective


Each ready-to-use EZ-Ject Herbicide Shell contains a small amount of chemical held in a dry, stable form within a brass shell.

Systemic herbicides kill the tree completely. There is rarely any regrowth or suckers. Dead tree and stump can be removed or left to decompose naturally.

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Applicator benefits

  • Lightweight, simple to use, less fatigue – easy to use in overgrown or difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Minimize exposure risks—no mixing, measuring, or spraying.
  • Safer than chain saws—no blades, flying debris, fumes, or noise.
  • Minimal training, worry-free operation – works in any weather.

Forest, crop tree, and Environmental Benefits

  • Selectively kill undesirable trees – no off-target herbicide effects.
  • No disease transmission
  • Less fire hazard than mechanical options.
  • Manage vegetation in sensitive sites without drift or spill risks.
  • Thin stands without felling. No slash to impede wildlife movement.
  • Create wildlife habitat trees, such as snags for perching birds.
  • Retain beneficial foraging vegetation while controlling unwanted trees and brush.

Additional information

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2 ft (bulldog), 4ft (short), 5 ft (standard)