Green Tree 4-0-4

Can be used on all palm varieties. Helps palms with leaf and branch growth and development of healthy root system.

Many palm species that are not native have special fertility needs and are more susceptible
to developing nutrient deficiencies and diseases. The ArborSystems Direct-Inject Tree Injection System is easy to use. Most palms are treated in as little as five minutes or less with no drilling required. GreenTree Palm is injected into the vascular bundles of the palm (the active vascular system). There is no need to wait for absorption (translocation). Because the GreenTree Palm is placed right where the palm can use it, effectiveness of the product is increased. Use in sunny or overcast conditions, rainy or dry, at any time of day. As no drilling or implants are required, you can treat palms year after year, with no threat of long-term or permanent damage to the palm. The Direct-Inject System minimizes wounding and promotes long-term palm vigor.


GreenTree Palm relieves symptoms of nutrient deficiencies resulting in improved leaf, branch, and root growth. The nutrients in GreenTree Palm are essential for photosynthesis, leaf and branch growth, and the development of a healthy root system. One application promotes more vigorous leaf and branch growth, improved leaf size and color, more complete flowering and fruit set, development of a stronger, deeper root system, and improvements in overall palm health and vitality. GreenTree Palm helps trees withstand or recover from stress due to heat, drought, transplanting, or other conditions.


Active: Total Nitrogen* 4.0%
Active: Available Phosphate* 0.0%
Active: Soluble Potash 4.0%
Other Ingredients 72.0%
Total*Refer to the product label for detailed breakdown of ingredients. 100.0%

Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the Internet at Not available in all states. Ask your distributor for details.

Application Rate

Inject 2 ml every 6″ around the base (flare) of the palm. Injections should be made within 12″ of the ground.

Timing of Nutribooster Injections

Injections can be any time during the growing season, preferably in the spring or early summer. Do not apply more than once a year. Can be applied at the same time as other ArborSystems chemicals.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in