Arborsystems Hi-Volume Kit


Treat hundreds of trees nonstop
Make up to 1000 injections without reloading chemical. Simply attach the transfer line to the Wedgle Direct-Inject unit injector and our 1000 ml chemical packs, prime, and inject. No other tools, equipment, or power supply are needed.

Backpack (included with Kits) A Heavy-duty nylon backpack is included with the Portle, Palm, and High-Volume kits. Backpack is large enough to hold a 1000 ml chemical pack or several 120 ml chemical packs, and all Direct-Inject tools.

Includes: 4′ shielding tubing with quick disconnects on either end, Hi Vol cage with pin, backpack, and instruction guide.

One arborist reported making 797 successful injections in under four hours using the High-Volume Kit. Talk to anyone who’s used the Direct-Inject System. They will tell you there is no better way to treat trees, and no better way to make money.

Wedgle Direct-Inject Unit sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in