Fresh Water Humates

Freshwater-sourced, plant-derived Humate

Granular in Totes (1.33 CY), 1.13 cf bags (approx. 50 lbs), Liquid in 5 gallon containers (concentrate)

HUMATE Granular & Liquid are both OMRI Listed. The origin of our Humate is freshwater-sourced ancient plant life that has been decomposed for thousands of years, making it immediately bioavailable to soil microbiology and plants.

Our plant-derived Humate delivers more than 55+ micronutrients, enzymes, minerals, fulvic/humic/ulmic acids, amino acids and natural biostimulants. Humate is an organic surfactant (wetting agent) and the fulvic acid is a natural chelator, helping plants easily assimilate nutrients.

Our Granular Humate (80% humic acid) excels in removing contaminants and reducing soil compaction.

Our Liquid Humate (6%) enhances liquid fertilizer applications and quickly improves plant response (by providing an Active Carbon food source to the soil microbes).

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1.13 cf bags – Granular, 5 gallons – Liquid