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Mauget’s STEMIX® PLUS is a water based fertilizer used in Mauget’s Gen II tree injection capsules. An optimum formulation of chelated minerals with a very low salt index and elevated magnesium and calcium, designed to stimulate both foliar and root growth. Stemix Plus is for use in trees where deficiencies cannot be successfully corrected by foliage or soil feeding, and in areas where leaching into ground water is a concern.
Because the elements are placed directly into the trees vascular system, the benefits of Stemix Plus can be evident for one to five years compared to adjacent untreated trees.

Environmental stresses, nutritional deficiencies, root system damage, frost protection, frost damage recovery, insect damage recovery and more.

Benefits of Stemix Plus can be evident for one to five years compared to adjacent untreated trees.
•    Promotes foliar and root growth.
•    Rapid availability of chelated elements.
•    High level of manganese.
•    Long lasting effect.
•    Completely enclosed, minimal risk application method.
•    Corrects Environmental Stresses, Nutritional Deficiencies, Root System Damage, Frost Protection, Frost Damage Recovery, Insect Damage Recovery and more.

6mL and 1 Liter Bottles

Applying Mauget Capsules

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Mauget Stemix Plus

Nutrient Deficiencies

Iron DeficiencyMagnesium DeficiencyNitrogen DeficiencyPhosphorus DeficiencyPotassium DeficiencyZinc Deficiency

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