Mauget Imicide / Imicide HP (Imidacloprid)


(containing 10% imidacloprid)

Imicide is used by the USDA , state and city governments in prevention and eradication programs for Asian and Citrus Longhorned Beetles, with over 500, 000 trees successfully protected. Since 2000, the USDA lists Imicide as the only trunk injection product in their APHIS Emergency and Domestic Program for control of the Asian Longhorned Beetle. Research shows that Imicide is one of the most effective preventative and multi-season control treatments for the Emerald Ash Borer as well as other labeled insects.
Imicide is also available as Imicide Hp in high volume one liter bottles for most all liquid loadable injector equipment.

It has been the only tree injection product used by the U.S.D.A. on over 500,000 trees in their Asian Longhorned Beetle emergency program.
•    Exceptionally long residual control.
•    Second season protection.
•    Preventative treatment.
•    Broad spectrum.
•    Starts controlling infestation as soon as one to seven days following application.
•    University and USDA tested.
•    Completely enclosed, minimal risk application method.
•    CAUTION label.

2mL, 3mL, 4mL, 1 Liter Bottle

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AdelgidsAphidsAsian Cycad ScaleAsian Longhorned BeetleBirch Leaf MinerBlack Vine Weevil LarvaeBronze Birch BorerCitrus Longhorned BeetleCottonwood Longhorned BorerDouglas Fir Cone Moth LarvaeDouglas Fir Gall MidgeElm Leaf BeetleElm ScaleEmerald Ash BorerEucalyptus Longhorned BorerFlatheaded BorerHemlock Woolly AdelgidJapanese BeetleLacebugsLeaf MinersLeafhoppersLerp PsyllidsMealybugNipple Gall PsyllidObscure ScalePine Tip Moth LarvaePit ScalePsyllidsRoyal Palm BugRugose Spiraling WhiteflyScale InsectsSycamore Lace BugThripsWhiteflies

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