pH Reducer Organic (Citric Acid Solution) 2×2.5gal



A Citric Acid Solution – Approved by WSDA

A Gentle But Effective Citric Acid Solution

Growth Products’ pH Reducer is a safe, organic citric acid solution. This is welcome news for golf course superintendents, farmers, and nursery owners in environmentally sensitive areas and/or those who would like to stay away from corrosive acids when it comes time to adjust a soil or water pH problem.

Growth Products pH Reducer is gentle on turf. With its non-burning formula, you won’t run into problems like root pruning, which is quite common when using harsher acids such as phosphoric and sulfuric acid.

pH Reducer is also very safe for YOU. Corrosive acids bring with them inherent risks such as chemical burns on skin and destroyed clothes. Where safety is concerned, working with our citric acid is almost like handling common vinegar. And our citric acid will NOT eat through your clothes. Mineral acids (like phosphoric, nitric, sulfuric, and hydrochloric acids) are classified HazMats. They are not only harmful to you, but will also wreak havoc on your soil’s beneficial microbe populations.

An added bonus is that pH Reducer can also be used to reduce the incidence of summer patch. The pathogen that causes this disease is most active at a higher pH during the spring (although the damage is not evident until summer). As a result, some turf managers apply acidifying fertilizers in the early spring to lower the pH of their thatch/soil interface. Citric acid can be easily integrated into this application for even greater lowering of soil pH levels.

Unlike mineral acids, pH Reducer will not change your N-P-K ratio, as other commonly used pH adjusters will. Nitric acid contains nitrogen, phosphoric acid contains phosphorus, and sulfuric acid contains sulfur, so they affect a soil’s nutrient profile. But with the citric acid in pH Reducer, you’ll get acidifying benefits without adding additional nutrient sources, so there’s no need to re-think your N-P-Ks after application.

Note that pH Reducer can also be used as a tank mix buffer solution.
2.5 gallons/jug
2 jugs/case

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pH Reducer Organic (Citric Acid Solution) 2×2.5gal

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