Arbor Systems Pinscher PGR (Dikegulac Sodium)


End messy fruit and seed cleanup

For systemic chemical pinching of various landscape ornamentals. Pinscher PGR greatly reduces flowering and fruit/seed set without compromising tree health. Annual applications of Pinscher PGR will substantially reduce cleanup, maintenance labor, and associated costs. For use by professional arborists/applicators with the ArborSystems Direct-Inject™ QC Tree Injection System.


Use on ornamental trees with undesirable fruit or seed production that requires
ongoing cleanup or causes turf maintenance problems.


Active: Dikegulac-sodium* 18.5%
Other Ingredients 81.5%
Total 100.0%

*Sodium salt of 2,3:4,6-bis-O-(1-methylethylidene)-a-L-xylo-2-
hexulofuranosonic acid Contains 24 grams (0.2 oz.) active ingredient per 120 ml (4 oz.) bottle.

EPA Reg. No. 69117-7
EPA Est. 69117-NE-1

Not available in all states. Ask your distributor for details.

Pinscher Label

Pinscher SDS


Application Rate

Do not inject food-bearing trees.

Trees 18″ to 30″ circumference: 0.5-1 ml every 4″ around the base (flare) of the tree.

Trees over 30″ circumference: 1-2 ml every 4″ around the base (flare) of the tree. See label for details.

Timing of Pinscher Injections

The best results on most deciduous trees are obtained when trees are injected with Pinscher PGR in the late summer (one month prior to the typical first frost). First year treatments will be more effective if injections are made in the early spring and again in late summer. In following years make injections in the late summer for control the following year. Some exceptions to this rule are late fruiting trees such as Locust, Walnut, and Ginkgo trees, in which fruiting/seeding is better controlled by injecting in early spring. First year applications will provide less fruit/seed reduction than subsequent applications. Apply annually for maximum effectiveness.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in

120ml, 1000ml, Case of 12-120ml