DIEHARD Soluble Kelp


What it is!

DIEHARD™ Soluble Kelp is a dry, water soluble product made from the Ascophylium nodosum marine plant from the cold and clean North Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.
The incorporation of DIEHARD™ Soluble Kelp into a regular plant nutrition program will help home gardeners obtain better yields of higher quality fruits and vegetables while providing a healthier growing environment in the garden, DIEHARD™ Soluble Kelp can be used safely on fruit trees and shrubs, vegetables and flower gardens, greenhouse and house plants, as well as on lawns.
DIEHARD™ Soluble Kelp contains a multitude of naturally occurring growth promoting substances as well as matrix of plant nutrients, amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins necessary for overall plant health, nutrition and quality.
The components contained in DIEHARD™ Soluble Kelp work closely with the other naturally occurring plant constituents to stimulate cellular processes including protein and enzyme synthesis.

Soluble Kelp Label

Soluble Kelp SDS

1 lb x 8 or 10 lbs


What it contains!

86% Ascophyllum nodosum

How to use it!

Ornamental Trees & Shrubs: 3 tsp. per gallon (1st: at bud formation, 2nd: 2 weeks later, 3rd: 2-3 weeks later.)
House Plants: 1.5 tsp. per gallon (1st: at emergence of transplant, 2nd: every two weeks, 3rd: once per month during dormancy.)
Lawns: 3 tsp. Per 1000 Sq. Ft. Start foliar applications at initial growth stage and continue at 3 to 4 week intervals. Make additional applications after periods of stress or heavy use, to newly applied sod, and as a late season spray to help improve resistance to winter kill and frost damage.
Fruits & Vegetables: Beginning at pre-bloom 2 pints per acre (2 liters per hectare) (1 to 2 treatments) as a foliar.. Repeat application every 2-3 weeks throughout growing season. With blueberries and one additional treatment 2-3 weeks after harvest.Ratio of conversion of this product to majority of liquid sea kelp products in the market are 1:4 by weight. Therefore, a ten pound box of product will yield 40 pounds of liquid, or about 5 gallons.For liquid sea kelp in pallet lots contact our office.

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1 lb x 8, 10 lbs