Trinity Tank – 30 gallon transportable tank


The Trinity Tank allows applicators to utilize the space in the back of their truck for additional equipment. Fits in any standard tow hitch and during applications, can remain on the vehicle or off – moving easily from sidewalks to backyards.


  • The transportable, 30-gal Trinity Tank is the perfect solution for the applicator that has multiple services during the day
  • The Trinity Tank attaches directly to the vehicle tow hitch, so it won’t take up space in a truck bed or need a trailer
  • The Tank can be conveniently used on or off the vehicle, and the 40-ft hose can be adapted for up to a length of 60 ft. or more
  • It easily navigates over all types of terrain and is produced to reach hard-to-attain locations
  • The lightweight Tank is made of durable components for worry-free operation
  • The shape of the Tank makes clean up quick & easy

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Trinity Tank       Trinity Tank       Trinity Tank


  • This is the first application tank on the market that doesn’t require a trailer or truck bed for transport
  • The Trinity Tank has a modified hitch that easily inserts into any vehicle’s standard receiver for towing. While the vehicle is in motion, the tank does not touch the road (tire clearance is minimum 1.5-2 ft.)
  • It can be used on or off the vehicle during application use. The custom-designed body, puncture-proof tires, and castor wheels makes navigating over all types of terrain effortless
  • The handle has two settings; a short setting for traveling on the road and a longer setting for detaching from the vehicle and pushing the tank along the ground. The longer setting creates a better lever for trouble-free maneuvering
  • The Trinity Tank has a 40-ft reinforced hose, and additional lengths can be requested for a greater range of application
  • The 30-gallon tank is made of tough polyethylene and its shape makes cleaning up quick & easy
  • The tank assembly is equipped with a medium pressure diaphragm pump that can produce up to 300psi, a maximum flow of 22.7 L/min (6-gal/min), and has a constant jet agitation within the tank
  • The 5.5 Hp engine is a 4-stroke, single cylinder type with a maximum output of 3,600 rpm and a recoil starter


Tank Body Steel, rust-proof, powder-coated L30″ x W25″ 75 lbs.
Tank Container Graduated marking on tank side, drain out sump, medium-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitor 14 lbs. 30 gal
Back Wheels Puncture-proof, gel filled, heavy-duty tread 20″
Front Wheels Swivel caster wheels, steel frame 6″
Honda Engine 4-stroke, overhead valve, gas operated, recoil starter, single cylinder 33.3 lbs.
Hydro Pump Med Press Diaphragm Pump w/ jet agitation, max. pressure 360 psi, max. flow 6 gpm 13 lbs.
Reinforced Hose 40 feet with quick connect at open-end 3/8″