T&S 10-5-5 5GL pail


Vita-Tree & Shrub
Fertilizer, Root Developer & Mycorrhizae Stimulant

5-10-10 LIQUID
PACKAGING: 5 gallon pail

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen
Plus Organic Complex Soil Compounds including Humic Acid and other organic acids. enzymes. and a full range of natuturally occuring nutrients.
Available Phosphoric Acid
Soluble Potash
6.5% – 7.1%


Tree & Shrub Root Food with organic Complex Soil Conditioners
Balanced combination of long-lasting. top quality, low chloride source of nutrients with beneficial plant-derived organic compounds to help achieve deep penetration of nutrients, air and water into the soil.


1. The comprehensive number of active and biologically available components (see below) immediately set it apart from other root-feeding products, which are often unbalanced and therefore create imbalances of available nutrients, enzymes or other biological needs of the plant.
2. In contrast to bio-stimulants which must consume available nitrogen, Vita-Tree & Shrub provides enough n nitrogen for the needs of the plant as well as biological activity. One group of benefits is not gained at the expense of others.
3.   In addition, the significantly large percentage of humate composition provides the plant with available components without excessive stimulation. which often occurs with warm/hot weather and high soil moisture conditions, even with slow release fertilizer.
4. Vita-Tree & Shrub is a Biologically-Metered product. it is not fast-release, slow release, or timed-release in any way. it is a Release-on-Demand product. In other words. the product is present and available in the root zone to be used by the individual plant on an as needed, when, needed basis.
5. It will not accelerate plant growth beyond what would normally occur in a balanced natural environment with all required biological components available.
6. All evidence and function of healthy plant growth will be optimized, from absorption. to transporation. root growth to leaf size and color, enlarged blossoms and healthy reproductive activity.


Deep Root injection Fertilizing & Soil evergreen.conditioning for all trees and shrubbery both deciduous and evergreen.


Cool Weather: Five (5) gallons of concentrate makes 200 dilute gallons for injections (1:40). For specific application by type, inject as described below.
  1. For trees: use 5 dilute gallons per “DBH” = 1 gallon per injection – 18 inches apart in concentric circles 24 inches apart around tree, starting half-way between the drip line & trunk extending to drip line or one concentric circle beyond the drip line (preferred).
  2. For shrubbery:

    Waist high or above – inject 1 gallon in at least three holes around base of plant (approximatey 18″ apart on larger plants).
    Knee high: 1/2 gallon
    Ankle/Shin high: 1/4gallon.
  3. Surface fertilizing of pachysandra, ivy, etc: Spray above mixture evenly at one gallon per 100 sq. ft. and immediately water in during growing season to get material off foliage.
Warm / Hot Weather: Five gallons makes 400 dilute gallons for fertilizing plants located in lawns in warm-hot weather in order to prevent possible burning to the turf. THEN double the injection amounts in each hole in order to get enough concentrate distributed.


  1. To replace both nutrients and carbon: lost through cleaning up leaf and needle debris.
  2. To provide nutrients for growth.
  3. To ccondition and loosen hard soils (in severe situations, also use Vita-Aer).
  4. To create a “metered” release of the primary nutrients.
  5. Provide -‘food” for microbial life, including Mycorrizae.
  6. Chelate locked-up nutrients (use Vita-Green when there is chlorosis).
  7. Stimulate both length and quantity of new root development.
  8. Helps plants take up nutrients while expending less energy.
  9. More natural fertilizing fosters healthier growth that will better withstand insect, disease, drought and other environmental strains.


1. Humic organic acid
2. Fulvic organic acid
3., Ulmic organic acid
4. Minerals
5. Hlistidine
6 . Cold water kelp
7. Proline
8. Alginic Acid
9. Mannitol
10. Laminarin
11 Cytotoxins
12. Auxins
13. Glutamic Acid
14. Aspartic Acid
15. Arginine
16. Alanine
17. Leucine
18. Lysine
19. Valine
20. Serine
21. Phenytalinane
22. Isoleucine
21. Nutrierts from plant decomposition
24. Potassium hydroxide
25. Threonine
26. Tryosine
27. Methionine
28. Cystine
29. 40% slow rolease nitrogen
30. Food grade phosphorous

PACKAGING: Also available in 55 gallon drums, 2.5 gal jug, 2.5 gal jug x 2, 5 gal pail x 12, and 265 gal tote