Verdur Manganese 31.8%


Verdur Mn

Interveinal chlorosis is a serious condition where a tree cannot manufacture enough chlorophyll.

Verdur Mn is a form of manganese that is immediately available to the tree and when applied properly will relieve chlorotic conditions for about 3 years.

The purpose of treatment is to evenly and completely cover the entire crown of the tree.

Commonly Mn deficient trees: silver maple

  • Verdur Mn is applied into the root flares and transported into the canopy where it facilitates the manufacture of chlorophyll in leaves.
  • Unequal uptake and coverage in the canopy will result in unequal results.
  • Verdur Mn will provide 3 years of green-up.
  • Verdur Mn treatments can be combined with other root enhancement techniques such as Air-Spade work or an application of Cambistat to help correct the chlorosis for the long term.


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Application methods vary depending on the situation. Consult the label for more specific guidelines.

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