Sigma Organic’s Vita-Sea


VITA-SEA©, when sprayed on plants, stimulates leaf bacteria which greatly increases the rate of photosynthesis by the plant. When applied directly to the soil it stimulates soil bacteria, increasing the fertility of the soil through formation of humus, resulting in mineralization of nutrients. In this improved bacterial environment, nitrogen-fixing bacteria will be stimulated to fix more elements from plant residues and soil minerals.

VITA-SEA© at the cellular level, acts to increase membrane permeability resulting in increased nutrient uptake, photosynthesis and respiration rates resulting in high concentrations of chlorophyll and heightened oxygen consumption – – resulting in healthier plants.

There are two fundamental characteristics of fertile soil – – biological and colloidal properties. The nutritional  aspects of soil fertility depends on the activities of living  micro-organisms and on the electrical properties of its non-living colloidal components. Thus, plant foods are components of the colloidal and dynamic biological complex of the soil, and, for sure, plants obtain nutrients from this complex.

We may augment the natural foods present in the soil where they are absent or have been depleted. The restoration of the soil fertility requires a balance between the feeding of the micro-organisms and supplementing the plant nutrients. BIO-STIMULANTS include organic matter, humus, micro-nutrients, trace minerals, vitamins, phytohormones (auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, etc.) and enzymes. The IDEAL BIO­ STIMULANT would contain all of these in various quantities and in a form that makes them readily available to living organisms – – in this case BENEFICIAL NATURAL SOIL BACTERIA.

2 x 2.5 gal


Sigma Organic’s Vita-Sea

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