BioChar – VITAL Blend Granular Soil Amendment


VITAL Blend Soil Amendment is a granular blend of activated BioChar and freshwater-sourced Humate. We charge our BioChar with the Humate for a perfect combination – it is foundational; effective by itself or blended with composts, fertilizers, or other mixtures.

The BioChar is USDA Certified Biobased and the Humate (ACTIV80 AG from Black Earth) is OMRI Listed and the blend has a pH value of just below 7.0 – perfect for soil nutrient availability. The Biochar increases the soil’s porosity and the Humate provides nutrients and high energy food for the soil microbes.

These two ingredients create an all-natural, organic soil enhancer that is so concentrated – its application rate is 50-60% less than compared to other similar products on the market – saving time, effort, & money.


Vital Blend Biochar     American Biochar

Vital Blend Biochar Update

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