BioChar – VITAL Blend 5M – Liquid Soil Amendment



VITAL Blend 5M is a blended liquid, combining 5 micron-sized BioChar charged with liquid Humate. Use our liquid blend alone or combine it with other liquid products for improved results. As an addition to fertilizer programs; the Humate is an excellent natural surfactant that improves the plants ability to assimilate nutrients in the soil.

The liquid blend is perfect for turf and lawn sprays, on large planting beds, in tree care programs, and with agricultural fertigation. The 5 micron-sized BioChar will not damage spray equipment and the blend is designed for companies who prefer liquid spray application instead of granular.

For example; a 2.5 gallon container of VITAL Blend 5M (concentrate) can easily cover an acre of turf.

Vital Blend Biochar Update

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2.5 gallons (x3), 2.5 gallons (x2), 2.5 gallons, 1 gallon, 0.5 gallon, 250 gallons